R&D Choppers Magical Tank
EIC Clear CNM Clear Eyes are Clear prelims are done weighs in at 64# dark chocolate

R&D Hells Bells (Retired)
Bell is very lean and athletic. Great hunter and house dog. Bell has excellent hips normal elbows.

Missy is about 60 lbs EIC Clear Hips

Excellent Elbows Normal

R&D Flirtation Flirt (retired)
Weighs in at 68 lbs.

In Loving Memory

Our Boys & Girls


Ethel's hips are good and she has Normal elbows, and EIC clear. Ethel is a high power and high energy dog. She is about 55 lbs.

Molly weighs in at 60 lbs. EIC Clear

Hips Good Elbows Normal

Pearl (retired)
Pearl is half English and has not had her hips done yet. Weighs 85 lbs.


Ray weighs in at 67# very sweet

and very smart dog loves to hunt     

R&D Retrievers I'm A little Daisy

We call her Tisch

Weight 50#  EIC clear

very sweet temperment


Athletic, Great family dog Easy going, Birdy. Weighs 65#.